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MBP Australasia has been supplying the Rotational Moulding industry for over 30 years and has designed and manufactured many industry specific products.  Some of these include Burners for open-flame moulding machines, custom inserts up to 3” BSP in a variety of styles and the Brass Tank Outlets with a left-hand threaded flanged locking nut, which quickly became the industry standard due to the significant advantages of the design (design registered by MBP in 1996).

MBP provides an extensive range of Inserts from M4 up to 3” BSP female threads that when moulded into plastic Rotomoulded product, provide metal threads to allow the secure attachment of brackets, lids, bungs, valves and other components.

MBP have developed and distribute a huge range of lids, outlets and inlets for Rotomoulded water tanks and other vessels.


We can supply the complete set of componentry for the fit-out of any rotomoulded water tank.

MBP also designed and manufacture Burners for open flame, “rock and roll” Rotomoulding machines.  These Burners were designed to provide maximum heat for the least gas flow, helping to reduce gas consumption.